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Welcome to DoorstepLew Mills

Welcome to the Doorstep Website!

Our organization began back in 1966 when Topeka and Shawnee County were victimized by what would be classified today as an F-5 Tornado. Thousands of people were left homeless as a result of that historic storm, and in the wake of the disruption, a group of leaders from several churches in the area concluded that this was the time to take care of great need right at our own Doorstep. Immediately, Doorstep began to help meet the needs of those who were most affected. Today, Doorstep continues to meet the needs of our neighbors through-out our community as they are affected by a shrinking economy. We have 54 congregations which are a part of our ministry to our community, and dozens of volunteers who give of their time day in and day out to make our program possible. We hope you will take your time as you visit our website and get acquainted with our program.

I am honored to serve as President of this organization. Doorstep’s contribution to the community is literally dependent on the contributions of those who believe in what we do, so we invite you to join us through contributions of your time and/or financial gifts.